2015 Young Professionals Survey

Young Professionals Survey: MVYP Survey Key Findings

The Mahoning Valley has made great strides in stabilizing its economic, civic, and cultural environment in recent years. Youngstown and its surrounding areas are poised to take advantage of new technologies and exciting new industries. Young professionals, as a concerted, dedicated group, must intentionally act to ensure that this area is one that is vibrant, inclusive, sustainable, and attractive for all residents, both current and potential, so that this window of opportunity may not be missed. This survey sought to understand what ways the Valley is currently serving its residents, and how it might better do so in the future, with special concern to the group of individuals between the ages of 18 and 40. This group, whose retention is critical to prolonged economic success and improved quality of life, is referred to as Young Professionals.

• Conducted between August 26th and September 16th 2015
• Distributed through MVYP email list, The Business Journal, and Facebook
• 122 total responses

Geographic area: 44471, 44406, 44405, 44481, 44483, 44402, 44401, 44484, 44511, 44512, 44515, 44514, 44410, 44429, 44425, 44420, 44431, 44509, 44503, 44504, 44440, 44446

Survey Results: MVYP Survey Key Findings